about me
"I'm not sure but I think I'm a web designer"
First of all, I'm sorry about my English. Report me if you find some errors in this web site.
I'm 24, I live in Rimini Italy and I recently became a freelance web designer.
I develop any type of website.. with any type of tecnology (HTML5, CSS3,JS, Flash)
Wordpress themes, iPhone/iPad app, UI Design
I'm currently too busy, but I'm always available to discuss
about new great projects or collaborations/partnerships
pdf file size: 280kb
also available in Italian

Cv last update: 14 November 2011

Featured on Webdesigner Mag #193

A popular UK magazine for web design industry professionals

What he loves most of all about his job is the ability to unleash his creativity when developing web projects. He’s really stubborn, so always wants to control every detail to ensure perfection.
Featured here, but not only... Check out my thank you page.

4 phases of the web site design and development process before pubblication
May 20, 2012
the human touch!

“There are several ways that one can go about building user relationships and trust through web design, and putting a face with the design is one that..." more

only 4 steps

only 3 steps

only 2 steps

only 1 step


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