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20 May, 2012
the human touch!

“There are several ways that one can go about building user relationships and trust through web design, and putting a face with the design is one that, when done well, can score a lot of points for you and your brand” Great post! Thanks Nope for the mention!

10 February, 2012
featured on WDMag 173!

I’ve been featured on Webdesigner Mag #193! WDMag is a popular UK magazine for web design industry professionals! You can buy the issue here

7 January, 2012 online!

A little christmas present for my girlfriend and a new life for! Mindy: diary of a small traveler.. a new wordpress blog with Dulce template (my personal version :) enjoy!

26 December, 2011
xmas updates!

First of all merry xmas to all my visitors and followers! In these days of rest, I have published several updates and improvements that I had planned for some time: wordpress 3.3, new “thank you” page layout, contact-form tips, “news” page adjustment, dribbble link on header. Enjoy!

2 December, 2011
site of the day!

Awesome!! has been selected as site of the day from Eyes on pixel!! Here‘s the link. Thanks to ‘Eyes on pixel’ staff!

26 November, 2011
dribbble invite!

Michele Giorgi finally on dribbble!! Thank you Andrew for the invite. I am so glad to be a part of the community! Here‘s my new profile, enjoy with my first shot!

21 November, 2011
thank you page!

I created a new page to thank all those who have contributed in the development of this website and its overwhelming success! Some of the credit is yours, too! Thank you!

9 November, 2011

The new “Time-Machine” page is online! You can find all versions of, from the beginning to the present! If you think this website is bad now… It’s only because you haven’t yet seen the previous versions!

4 November, 2011
CSSDA winner!

Terrific!! has been also awarded a CSS Design Award!! I’m very happy and satisfied! Thanks to all! Here is the link.. enjoy!

3 November, 2011
winner of the day!

Amazing!! Today has been selected as Winner of the day from CSS Winner!! Here is the link! has been also selected by Awwwards and Css Design Awards and included in Nominees galleries. You can vote for me here and there!!

1 November, 2011
site of the day!

Yeaaahh!! Today has been selected as site of the day from CSS Awards!! Here is the link > enjoy!

31 October, 2011
beta is finally online!

It’s not complete and probably never will be, but after several months of development, I decided to publish a taste of my new not-folio website. Enjoy michele giorgi network!

20 August, 2011
backstage on vimeo!

Finally the first “behind the scenes” of a web site is online. This is also my first experiment with After Effect. Photo by Luca Tibberio, music: The Black Keys – Howlin’ for you enjoy !

8 August, 2011
new concept form

I’m developing a new type of contact form to be integrated into the footer of every web site page. All fields will be in a small space.. It will be revolutionary!

May 20, 2012
the human touch!

“There are several ways that one can go about building user relationships and trust through web design, and putting a face with the design is one that..." more

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