If you think michelegiorgi.com is bad now… It's only because you haven't yet seen the previous
versions of this website! Ladies and gentlemen here's to you, the real history of this web site
2001 Michelegiorgi.com v0.0
Sorry! The whole website data has been lost
2004 Michelegiorgi.com v0.1
This is the first ugly promotional portfolio
2006 Michelegiorgi.com v1.0
With this, for the first time, I was hired as a web designer!
2008 Michelegiorgi.com v2.0 beta
This version has never seen the light due to lack of time…
2008 Michelegiorgi.com v3.0 "little things"
A 2.0 reloaded version developed in just over 2 weeks
2011 Michelegiorgi.com v4.0 > v5.0
This website! The fusion of 2 different projects
May 20, 2012
the human touch!

“There are several ways that one can go about building user relationships and trust through web design, and putting a face with the design is one that..." more

only 4 steps

only 3 steps

only 2 steps

only 1 step


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